I am pleased to announce that a selection of my work will be shown alongside that of other photographers at ÉTALAGE II, opening on Friday 07/11/14 at 6:30pm at Awol Gallery in Manchester.
The show is organised and curated by Liz Ball, founder of Iris Artistic Platform.


List of exhibiting photographers:

Jocelyn Allen
Jonathan Bailey
Elizabeth Ball
Chris Bethell
Casey Carlin
Kevin Crooks
Alastair Eccles
Hannah Farrell
Ricky Frew
Zuza Grubecka
Monika Holkova
Kieran Hosking
Raul Guerrero
Paul MacCrimmon
Webster Mugavazi
Jan Piotrowicz
Marc Provins
Mark Reeves
Claudia Scandella
Mike Stephens
Ben Swanson
AJ Wilkinson
Thom Whitehead

AJ Wilkinson will be giving a talk on Tuesday 11/11/14 at 7:30pm. The show runs until Thursday 13/11/14.