IN VITRO – Group show opening 7.30pm on Friday 21/02/2014 at The Cove, Swansea


My first show outside of university is coming up soon. It’s a group show with three fellow photography students from Swansea Met. Here is some information about us and our exhibition. Please feel free to come along, the opening night is Friday the 21st of February 2014 and starts at 7.30pm. The exhibition runs until the 05/03/2014 at The Cove, 36 Castle Street, Swansea SA1 1HZ.

In Vitro is a collaboration by four photographers who share the urge to look closer at everyday situations and social attitudes. This desire is expressed in their diverse range of work, each piece providing commentary on modern society.
Eve Widlake’s work comments on our society’s consumerism and waste culture, which is represented in her dark, constructed imagery. Her work leaves the viewer with a feeling of unease.
JJ Kelly documents the everyday life situations of his family with an Instax camera. Like a Polaroid, the instant developing of the image reflects the brief moment in which the image is captured.
Kieran Hosking photographs his parents living in France with an interest in their daily life and their relationship to each other. He utilises documentary and constructed imagery to explore this.
Mette Vorraa’s fascination with British culture leads to an exploration of it from a Norwegian perspective. She visits various public events where she turns the camera toward the faces present