Photography Swansea 2014 Crowd Funding Campaign

As part of our final year we are required to put on a graduation show in Swansea and have the option of taking part in another one in London.

We have to fund these shows ourselves by putting in our own money and topping up the rest by fundraising in various ways.

One way we are fundraising is on Kickstarter, a crowd funding website where you create a project and offer rewards in exchange for people pledging money towards your it.
For example we are offering exhibition catalogues and prints to those who back our project.

Take a look at the images we are offering as A4 and A3 prints, they can be seen in a web gallery if you follow this link:

One of my images from the series Mum & Dad is available a a print.

All the money pledged is greatly appreciated and goes towards financing the shows.
Please back us if you can and share our project with those around you, there isn’t long left!
Thank you.